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Free Website Audit

Free Website Audit

Free Website Audit

Our comprehensive website Audit services will provide you with a full report of the health of your website and offer suggestions that can help you improve your online presence.

This is the first step we take with any of our services that we offer and is critical for getting a look at how well your website is doing from a technical and search perspective. We manually search for issues both on-site and off-site that can prevent your website from performing well in the search engines and help you with suggestions on how to rectify these issues.

  • Find out why your website may be slow.
  • Learn how to improve your search ranking.
  • Make sure your website looks good and works on all devices.

Our Audit Process

Our website audit includes checking Search Engine Optimization, Speed and User Experience.

Responsiveness Assessment

As mobile device usage increases, it’s very important that your website is usable on all screen sizes. We test for the following potential issues.

  • Flash usage – most mobile devices will not render flash content.
  • Viewport not configured – your pages should specify a viewport using the meta viewport tag.
  • Content not sized to viewport – creates the need for horizontal scrolling.
  • Small font size – Requires user to zoom in to read text.
  • Touch elements too close – Makes it hard to click on the desired item.

Content Assessment

Check all the content posted on your site. Create a comprehensive list of all pages, and evaluate your website pages using the following criteria.

  • Helpful and engaging content – Your content should be well-written and informative, and your website pages should have persuasive calls-to-action.
  • No grammatical and spelling errors – These types of errors will inevitably affect your credibility and authority.
  • No duplicate content – Google penalizes websites that bluntly copy pages of content.

Technical Assessment

Check everything under the hood. Clean, unbloated, and properly formated code and images are the key to a fast and bug free website.

  • Smooth overall performance – Loading and server response times should be fast, and page sizes shouldn’t be excessive.
  • Optimize images – Images should be compressed and sized according to their use.
  • Clean navigation – There should be no broken links or missing pages.

Search Assessment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to having your website show up when people are searching the internet.

  • Quality keywords – Perform a keyword analysis, and ask yourself if you’re targeting a specific set of quality keywords that perform well.
  • Properly optimized for lead generation and conversions – Landing pages, marketing offers, and calls-to-action should be well-optimized for generating leads and sales.
  • Optimized site structure – Web pages should be internally linked to other pages on your website for faster indexing by search engines.